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PE Treatment That Works

I'm John Carter. I want to tell you a story. A story of sexual failure - and sexual success. It's my story. You see, I used to be a two pump chump. I ejaculated inside of a minute after entering a woman.

So, I know that if you're a man who ejaculates too quickly during sex, you're probably looking for a treatment that will help you right now, tonight.

Well, the good news is I found one, and you can read all about it in my review of Ejaculation By Command, which you can read below.

To be honest, I know Ejaculation By Command works because it gave me complete control of my ejaculation during lovemaking. And why did that matter to me?

Fourteen years ago, I met a woman who wanted to have a relationship with me. (We're still together, which is fantastic!)

But she made it clear she wasn't prepared to put up with my hopeless lovemaking. "Look," she said, "either you sort it out or I'm off." Well, in those days I was a useless lover who exploded in a couple of minutes. This was a challenge.

And in a way it was a good one. I knew my time as a quick ejaculator was over.... if I wanted to keep her. And I knew, very clearly, that I did want to keep her.

And so I was forced to decide what was most important to me. I chose the relationship, the girl, and a very different future.

There and then, I committed to end my premature ejaculation, no matter what it took. (What a change from the selfish lover I'd been up to that point!)

Unfortunately I soon began to realize that overcoming premature ejaculation (PE) might not be as easy as I'd thought.

I looked on the internet discussion forums, and I soon found lots of men moaning about how they couldn't control their ejaculation during sex - but very few who'd found a solution that worked.

Then I found Ejaculation By Command, designed to help me develop complete ejaculatory control in bed. I looked at the Ejaculation By Command program (follow the link to see it) and then I bought it. Sure enough, it solved all my ejaculation problems. And then some!

Now, I can actually CHOOSE when to ejaculate during sex. It's FANTASTIC! It's AMAZING! And even better - YOU can get complete control in bed with this program too! Easily, quickly, and simply.

The point is that this program does exactly what it says: it gives you complete control of your ejaculation during sex!

You only ejaculate when you decide to do so.....And if you want to read Rod's review, you can read all about Ejaculation By Command here.

Back to my story. I soon realized from what women were saying in the discussion forums I looked at that premature ejaculation isn't only a problem for men - it's a problem for women too, and what it amounts to is that both partners miss out on a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, not to mention great orgasms.

Looking back now, I thank god I found this program, because within weeks, literally weeks, I was able to last as long as I wanted in bed.

I hadn't even understood this was possible before, but now I can choose when to ejaculate during sex, simply by speeding up the pace and depth of my thrusting .... and I can time my orgasm so that it suits my girl's arousal perfectly. Often we even come together. (Imagine that!)

If you read Ejaculation By Command, you'll find that it not only uses the latest treatment techniques, but also includes lots of extra bonus material which will improve your sex life in every possible way.

For example, the author reviews 15 "emergency" techniques for controlling your ejaculation RIGHT NOW, TONIGHT, to last longer in bed.

Believe me, these techniques WORK!

Premature ejaculation is a problem that can have a major impact on both your relationship and your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

Most of the men who've contacted me about this problem are ready to try almost any solution that offers the hope of being able to last longer in bed.

So please avoid the rubbish, the cons, the stuff that doesn't work, and even the stuff that's downright dangerous. And if you want more information, feel free to email me.

A lot of men emailing me about premature ejaculation are willing to try almost any solution that offers the hope of being able to last longer in bed. So I've included a review of Ejaculation By Command as well as reviews of some of the more outlandish products here.

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