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The secret of overcoming premature ejaculation is using the correct treatment.

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Reviews of Premature Ejaculation Products

All of the pills, potions and lotions  I reviewed lower down this page have disappeared from the market - conclusive proof they don't work!


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Reviewing products supposed to help you stop premature ejaculation is like entering the lion's den.

You run the risk of being torn apart by those who disagree with your opinion and who think a product is the best thing they've ever experienced, or by the manufacturers who think their product has been unfairly treated.

And because there's so much money to be made by anyone who does come up with a formula that helps men overcome premature ejaculation, the authentic remedies have been joined on the shelves -- both real shelves in shops and the metaphorical shelves of the Internet -- by literally dozens of bogus products.

Many of these are backed up by seemingly genuine testimonials, complex sounding lists of ingredients, professional looking websites, persuasive sales copy, and money back guarantees which appear to offer you a refund if the product doesn't work (although how likely you are to actually get a refund if you want one is another question).

It's a sad fact that premature ejaculation remedies are as numerous and as questionable as penis enlargement pills.

The way the sellers of bogus products such as this work is to hook into the vulnerability of men who are desperately embarrassed or ashamed of a sexual problem and then sell them hope.

Yes - hope - the hope of improvement, the hope of eliminating difficulties, the hope of an easy solution to a problem that is impacting their lives.

The scam of penis enlargement pills is an absolutely unbelievable way to get money from the vulnerable: no matter how persuasive the hoaxers who sell these things might be, there isn't the slightest possibility that they work.

If you apply this reasoning to overcoming premature ejaculation, you'll see how easy it is sell people a product that has no basis in reality.

And because none of the places where you can buy these things offer any form of scientifically validated testing on the product they are marketing, and because the claims are unsubstantiated, the products untested, and the ingredients uncertain, the consumption of the product becomes an act of faith on the part of the purchaser (probably not a risky one, but you never know....)

Now, it's true that there are places on the Internet where you can leave reviews of these products.

Unfortunately, the marketers have got there before us by setting up review sites that offer reviews written by -- guess who? -- yes, of course: the people who make the products.

So where can you go for a genuine review? There are some reliable places such as and, but in general, the independence of any website offering reviews for products in these areas must be called into question.

This gives a site like this one a problem.

We make a genuine attempt to identify which products can help men with premature ejaculation.

But the problem is proving whether or not our reviews are any more valuable than those anywhere else.

Frankly, we're going to skirt around that difficulty by simply saying that we're offering good reasons as to why we're including the products listed below.

Those reasons should seem like sound common sense to anyone who is seeking a premature ejaculation remedy.

Basically, if a product isn't included here, it is most likely because we've looked at the claims and the ingredients and the sales pitch and found them wanting in some way.

It doesn't matter how credible the claims might appear, it doesn't matter how many pictures of men in white coats are offered as an implied testimonial by the medical profession, it doesn't even matter if the product is the subject of a patent application.

None of this proves that a product which is supposedly designed to cure premature ejaculation will actually have the slightest impact on the condition.

What does demonstrate that a product is likely to be useful is

  • a long history in the marketplace with testimonials over a long period of time from doctors and other therapists;
  • scientifically proven ingredients that genuinely affect a man's ejaculation response;
  • possibly a collection of broadly favorable reviews on sites that have a degree of independence (such as;
  • and some proven reason why the product should work rather than just some unsubstantiated BS.

Now, the absence of a product from this page is not a guarantee that the product is ineffective in all cases; we all know that not all things work for all people.

All that we can say is that the absence of a product from these pages is an indication that we have examined it and found it wanting in some way.

Below, at the bottom of this page, we offer a list of products that we have examined and we offer some brief comments about our reservations.

In all cases where we recommend a product, we tell you why, and if we have any financial interest in the sale of the product we disclose that too.

In no case has the possibility of an affiliate commission influenced our decision about which products to recommend -- a fact that is demonstrated by the presence of direct links to product websites as well as the presence of affiliate commission arrangements.

So how reliable are we? Well, not 100%, because nobody is, but we believe this is one of the most reliable sources of information on premature ejaculation products, and we offer a strong recommendation to you:

Try what we suggest first before you go anywhere else.

In this way you might just save yourself a great deal of time, effort, trouble, and money...

After all, if you find a product that works, why go anywhere else? Sometimes, less is more.

What is very clear to us is that short-term remedies such as desensitizing creams or lotions are not an ideal solution to the problem of premature ejaculation.

We haven't found any product based on herbal ingredients that works safely and consistently.

Rather, the ones that do work include local anesthetics called benzocaine and lidocaine in varying amounts.

Numbing your penis so it's less sensitive to sexual stimulation is not a good long-term strategy to cure premature ejaculation; a rather weak analogy might be constantly putting an anesthetic on a painful tooth rather than going to see the dentist!

In the long term, repeated use anesthetics on the sensitive tissues of the penis is bound to have some impact.

We appreciate that short-term desensitization can massively improve a man's self-confidence if he has been subjected to the shame of premature ejaculation all his life.

But it's only by developing a genuine sense of self-control and a natural ability to make love for long periods that you'll establish a long-term sense of sexual self-confidence and improved masculinity.

That's why, in the end, as always, we think that the bodily training programs are the most powerful tools for the long-term cure of premature ejaculation.

Having said that, our objective is to help men gain a sense of sexual self-confidence when it counts most.

Almost any of the solutions we offer below will give you a high probability of success of beating this condition; whether that's on a short or long term basis is up to you.

Premature Ejaculation Pills and Tablets (non prescription) - our recommended product


  • Detain X is our top choice. In fact, it's our only choice.

Why do we only recommend one product in this category?

There are many other products available in this category. Some of the most well-known do not, in our opinion, pass muster for various reasons. You can see further information at the bottom of this page.

Premature Ejaculation Lotions, Creams and Sprays

Recommended products


  • Stud 100 Delay Spray - a great product for men in stable relationships who don't necessarily need a condom
  • V - RX Male Delay Cream - a great product for men in stable relationships who don't necessarily need a condom
  • Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray suitable for men who may wish to use a condom - and for those who don't need this protection
  • Boy Butter - great for anal pleasure, comes in both water-based and non-water-based formulas (therefore condom-safe)

Why do we recommend only 4 products when there are so many premature ejaculation creams and lotions to choose from?

Simply because they are the best available. Such products fall into two groups - herbal and anesthetic.

There are, as far as we know, only two herbal products which are effective for controlling premature ejaculation, and they can certainly have some unwanted, massive side-effects. The first of these is called China Brush Delay or Kwang Tze Solution.

Its ingredients are powerful botanical compounds which feature predominantly in Chinese medicine.

It comes as a lotion which needs to be applied to the sensitive areas of the penis 1 to 2 hours before you intend to get it together with your partner, then washed off before lovemaking starts (if you're not using a condom) so that the product isn't transferred to the inside of your partner.

Although it undoubtedly works, the reviews that you can read on the internet are extremely mixed to say the least: they talk of inferior packaging, poor customer service, and, if you get the amount of solution wrong, incredibly painful burning sensations which are impossible to stop for quite some time.

Men also speak of losing their erection if they use too much of this compound, or not being able to ejaculate at all.

Compared to the well proven results that can be obtained by using the compounds recommended below, we advise you to steer clear of this product.

The other herbal product, which has been around for quite some time is called Indian God Lotion. You can read the reviews of this product on Amazon, and I think once you've done so you'll probably agree with us that it's another product that is best avoided.

We've always maintained that the only safe premature ejaculation lotions, gels and sprays and PE creams are the ones that contain a local anesthetic which acts to slightly desensitize the penis -- usually benzocaine or lidocaine, though another product which will hopefully soon come on to the market contains prilocaine.

(This is PSD 502, and you can read about it here.)

One of the obvious disadvantages of these products is that if you are using them with a long-term partner, without a condom, they can be transferred into her as you make love.

This can result in internal numbing or other unpleasant sensations for her.

One way to get around this is to use a condom once you've applied the premature ejaculation lotion to your glans penis, but that option may not be desirable for those men or their partners who find condom use problematic or difficult.

In this case you need to use a preparation which you can apply to the penis before intercourse, and which you can then wash off after a certain length of time before making love. This contrasts with certain products where you have to wash them off after you've enjoyed intercourse.

The product we recommend because it permits you to wash it off before making love is V RX cream.

This is an old established product and in no way to be confused with a product called Vig RX (which is more about the infamous world of so-called male enhancement - i.e. "getting bigger" where it, uh, shall we say, matters most. And that's a complete scam.)

On the product pages we've included links where you can buy the genuine article so there should be no confusion.

The advantages of Super Dragon 6000 is that it contains a high percentage of lidocaine - 10% - so it's good for men with a serious PE problem, and it's okay with a condom; it also seems to be easy to control how much you apply. More information on the review pages.


Premature Ejaculation Delay Condoms - our recommended product

Durex Performa Condoms



Notes on some of the products we do NOT recommend

Climaxagen - Unfavorable reviews are in the majority here.

This may be trivial, but Climaxagen call their formulation "Potens Continuus" - which seems to us to be a kind of hocus-pocus language more suited to Harry Potter than anything else; perhaps it's an in-joke by the makers?

They also claim their formula "absorbs quickly... boosting firmness and strength" but this seems an extravagant claim for a PE cure; after all, it's not a product manufactured for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

More seriously, this product appears to be the subject of a patent application which makes the claim that one of the claimed ingredients - a compound known as Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester (ADCE) -  can act as a skin desensitizer.

While it's used in many cosmetics to sooth skin and reduce fine lines, I can't find any specific research which suggests it will desensitize the penis to sexual stimulation - this appears to be an assumption by the makers.

Furthermore, one of the ingredients listed is DI-PPG-2-MYRETH-10 ADIPATE which the makers claim reduces penile sensitivity, thereby allowing men to last longer.

That product, as you can see here, was designed to reduce the irritation produced by certain cosmetic ingredients on the skin - not to reduce sensitivity to nervous stimulation.

All in all, this seems rather like you are putting a face cream on your most sensitive region.

Vivaxa We believe this has similar ingredients to those in Climaxagen. Therefore, the same comments as we made above apply.

What about reviews of the product?

Well, as far as we can tell, there are very few independent reviews of the product on the sites that have anything to say about it.

We believe that most, if not all, of the reviews available for this product have been set up to promote the product by those who sell the product.

It's certainly a highly professional marketing operation. We're doing some more research on this one. What seems very odd is the way so many sites sell it as a male enhancement product.

As I understand it, that term means the old scams about making your (ahem!) "self" bigger: this product is not and does not claim to be an aid to size improvement, so how come so many marketing places seem to be confusing stamina - ability to control ejaculation - with enhancing size?

I detect a slick marketing campaign to maximize sales. It's all very suspicious, and like we said, more investigation is underway!

Climinax Reviews - subject to the suggestion that these are probably not entirely unbiased - can be seen here.

Also, there are some genuinely independent reviews on Amazon. Personally, I would want to see some scientific proof that these formulas work, before shelling out an astounding $80 a bottle. (I'm suddenly thinking of what we said earlier about hooking into men's vulnerability.)

I'd also like to see proof that what is claimed on the ingredients is what's in the premature ejaculation tablets.


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