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You might be wondering what a page about manifestation is doing on a blog about overcoming  premature ejaculation control!

But the sharp ones amongst you will have already realized that manifestation isn't just a process about producing practical, physical reality in your world – it can also be used to change the emotional and spiritual existence that you live.

So as far as this blog is concerned, what we're saying here is that premature ejaculation is something that is subject to the same laws of nature as manifesting great wealth – in other words, you only have to know what to do and how to do it, using the power of your mind to control the way that your body responds during sexual activity.

Of course this is not something that's mentioned very much in the techniques and explanations of manifestation offered on most Law of Attraction websites, because people tend to think that it's all about generating wealth!

Get the facts here about how you can use the Law of Attraction and manifestation for producing absolutely anything you want in life, including a better sexual relationship, better sexual performance, a more loving relationship… Or indeed anything else in the area of human relationships and emotions of the heart.

Now, of course, one of the questions that most people reading this blog are immediately going to be asking is, "Well, how do we do that?"

And the answer is you actually start by having an intention, in other words you need to know exactly what your goal is when you're trying to manifest anything, and that's no less true in the area of human relationships than it is in manifesting wealth.

What is it you want to achieve – is it a good relationship, or is it good sex, or is it both? Is it having a supportive partner who loves you, or is it manifesting a reality where you're in a relationship which makes your heart sing with joy and enables you to grow and develop as a human being?

Setting your desired outcome in this way is absolutely essential and critical to the success of the process on a broader front – and to achieve certain outcomes bear in mind that unless you have a goal, you can't actually know what it is you're trying to achieve, and therefore no matter how much energy you put into the process, it simply won't work.

Now once you set your desired objective, then you have to form it in your mind is a visual image, so that you can visualize it during periods of meditation, during which you are trying to attract the reality that you are actually set forth as your objective. How to manifest successfully.

So this probably means forming an image or impressionistic picture of what it is that you want, rather than a specific and detailed image showing every aspect of the desired outcome.

A detailed picture is going to lead you to failure, because if you, for example, set detailed or specific requirements about the nature, size, appearance, shape and talents, and abilities and qualifications – amongst a host of other attributes – of your prospective mate, then you're really limiting the number of people that the universe can introduce to you.

If you set more general objectives like "meeting your soulmate", or "finding somebody who truly loves you", then you leave the universe open to the possibility that there are actually hundreds if not thousands or even millions of people out there who can actually fulfill your deepest desires and give you great love and pleasure.

Now, of course, the one of the things that extends from this is the natural consequences that you may not be able to specify the appearance of person you meet, and you may get somebody who doesn't fulfill your expectations in that respect.

This is why being clear about what you actually want is extremely important – if looks are important to you, then that's what you must put high on your agenda (although bear in mind that you may find the universe gives you something different anyway!)

Nonetheless after you set your intention, visualizing it every day for two periods of about five minutes each is sufficient: you read lots about people who talk about manifestation as though it was an ordeal, something that you have to do great length, several times a day, but actually the truth of the matter could not be more different.

Once you set your intention, and you have a goal clearly in mind as being what you wish to achieve, the universe will respond to you, even if you only spend a few minutes a day manifesting your visions and wishes and desires.

My advice to you is to actually try this process, because once you experience the magnificence and awe-inspiring effect of successfully manifesting a different reality in your life, you're never going to go back to conventional methods of doing anything!

In fact, seeking to change the physical reality in a conventional way is just too hard – whereas manifesting in tune with the universe is the easiest and most gracious process you could ever actually imagine!

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