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Many different exercise regimes and techniques are recommended for premature ejaculation control, but one of the most common ones you will see promoted is a program of exercises to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle (aka the PC muscle).

It's unsurprising that most of us men really don't have much idea where the PC muscle is, because we're not that great at maintaining our own health!

But becoming more familiar with your own body is an essential part of learning to cure PE. The PC muscle is the one that you use to stop urinating when you're in mid-flow.

If you use a correctly programmed series of exercises, you can train your PC muscle to become stronger and more subject to your voluntary control, which will help you control premature ejaculation.

You can do this by repeatedly contracting the muscle as if you're interrupting the flow of urine. It's easiest to do this when you have an erection, but when you know what the contraction feels like you can also do it at any time of the day or night.

Repeating the contractions day after day will give you improved premature ejaculation control and help you to become a much more confident lover.

There are plenty of other treatment options which combine with muscle control; you can learn about premature ejaculation exercises here.

Premature ejaculation exercise number one: exercising and training your PC muscle.

This is a very effective premature ejaculation exercise because the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) is the main muscle involved in ejaculation, and to a lesser extent it's also associated with the power and hardness of your erection.

The PC muscle extends all the way from base of the spine right into the pelvic region as far as the root of the penis; it's like a sling that supports the other muscles and organs of the pelvic region.

You can use it to stop urination in mid-flow, and it's responsible for the contractions that you experience during your climax. You can use various premature ejaculation exercises to train your PC muscle and also make it less susceptible to fatigue, so it is able to contract harder.

There is a popular belief that training the PC muscle so it's a lot stronger and fitter than it is in most men will allow you to control your ejaculation by "clamping down".

We don't actually believe this is the case; we don't think it's possible to clamp down this muscle hard enough to prevent ejaculation (although we'd be glad to hear from any men who have successfully used this method to control PE).

Rather, there seems to be a link between the fitness of the PC muscle and a man's ability to thrust for longer during sexual activity without reaching climax.

This is a premature ejaculation exercise which is rather easy to do: to help yourself last longer in bed, simply contract and relax it as many times a day as you can -- by which we mean dozens of times a day.

You can get the feel of how to contract and relax the muscle by stopping your urine flow in midstream; you can also learn what it feels like to contract and relax your PC muscle by twitching your penis when it is hard. The muscle that you use to do this is the PC muscle.

Repeat the premature ejaculation exercise associated with the PC muscle by flexing - i.e. contracting - the muscle and then holding it tight for as long as you can. Like all exercise programs it's a good idea to have a schedule: you could do 4 sets of 10 repetitions 3 times a day.

In a very short space of time you should notice your ability to control your bodily responses is increasing and your ability to last longer in bed is developing naturally.

You may find that contracting the muscle during sex enables you to slow down your approach to climax; it's worth pointing out, however, that for some men contracting the muscle appears to have the opposite effect: i.e. it actually speeds up their approach to climax! Premature ejaculation exercise number two: repeated stimulation of the penis to just below the point of ejaculatory inevitability

The point of no return (PONR) is the point where you know that no matter what you do or don't do next, ejaculation is inevitable.

Obviously when you're training yourself to last longer in bed with premature ejaculation exercises you don't want to go beyond that point. Learning how to get up to the PONR but not beyond it will extend the period of time for which you can hold off orgasm with increasing levels of stimulation.

You can practice this by getting your partner to liberally lubricate your erect penis with a massage oil that feels pleasant to you, and then have her stroke it up and down with her closed first as though she were stimulating you manually.

Judging the degree of pressure is a fine art here: you want to achieve a level of pressure that gets you more and more stimulated and brings you closer to climax, but not so much that you experience premature ejaculation during the exercise.

What's great about this is that you can become familiar with the sensations which precede your orgasm - and that's a very important part of the exercise, because once you recognize the signals your body is sending you, you can lessen your movement and activity during sexual intercourse so that your arousal drops.

Obviously if your partner is helping you here, you need a signal to tell her when she should stop stimulating you. Let her bring you to the brink of your orgasm perhaps three or four times in succession without allowing yourself to climax.

You will find that repeatedly practicing this premature ejaculation exercise will rapidly improve your ability to tolerate stimulation without reaching climax.

However, having said that, premature ejaculation excises can be made much more effective when combined with some other treatment strategy -- perhaps even a premature ejaculation cream.

Creams can help in two ways: they can assist with lubrication, and they can slow down your approach to climax. To find out which premature ejaculation cream men have found to be most helpful and effective in controlling PE, you can see the reviews of various products here.

If you want an effective PE cure there are only one or two creams that we can recommend as being helpful in obtaining you to gain control over sexual function.

As far as I know, the only effective creams for the treatment of premature ejaculation contain an anesthetic which will effectively numb and desensitize the penis to sexual stimulation. Read product reviews here.

You need to be aware that any product which claims not only to delay climax but to result in a hard erection is almost certainly making a bogus claim.

Obviously it's a powerful marketing strategy to provide more than one benefit to a man whose sexual self-confidence is low.

However, the simple fact of the matter is that the chemicals which promote harder erections are totally different to the ones which can help you last longer before you ejaculate.

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