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The Causes Of
Premature Ejaculation

Some experts believe the causes of premature ejaculation can be divided  into two broad groups - the psychological and the physical.

There's been lots of research into these two categories, and it now seems that most PE is caused by psychological, or emotional, or relationship , issues.

There just aren't that many cases of PE caused by physical factors. Even so, they are worth thinking about.

More information on the possible psychological causes of premature ejaculation can be found here.

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Causes Of Ejaculation Problems

A lot of men with premature ejaculation who come to me for help want to know exactly what's causing the problem.

But there's no simple answer to that question. The best thing we can do is say there are two main groups of causes - psychological and physical causes.

Psychological Causes Of PE

In general, however, most men with premature ejaculation have absolutely no idea why they're experiencing the difficulty of reaching climax so much sooner than they or their partners would wish.

That's why I've put together the main reasons for premature ejaculation - and here they are.

You're too excited, too aroused, turned on so much that you come far too quickly

I mentioned this above – men with a lot of fear or anxiety around sex, are halfway to their point of ejaculation even before they even get into bed, simply because their nervous system responds to anxiety in the same way that it responds to sexual stimulation – with what we could generally call "arousal".

The thing is, it doesn't matter to the body where your arousal comes from – all of it takes you along the road to your "point of no return", your point of ejaculatory inevitability.

In other words, some men have premature ejaculation because they have a high level of anxiety around sex, which causes their nervous system to be so highly aroused that only the slightest sexual stimulation will bring them to the point of ejaculation.

(After all, nervous excitement and sexual excitement have the same effect on the nervous system – they're both very arousing, even though they feel different.)

You'll understand from this, that being relaxed before, during, and perhaps even after sex is vitally important to maintaining ejaculation control; and by "relaxed", I don't just mean physically relaxed, although that certainly helps for reasons later; I also mean emotionally relaxed.

If you have anxiety about sex, or some kind of emotional issue with your partner, it's worth teasing it out and dealing with it so you can approach sex in a confident, calm, mature, masculine frame of mind.

That includes checking out your beliefs about sex – described in the next point.....

You have a wrong set of beliefs about sex which cause you to take the focus off you and put it on your partner


And what I mean by this is that if you're not focusing on your own pleasure during sex, you're not likely to be in the right frame of mind to control your ejaculation. You see, a lot of men have a belief that sex is all about satisfying their partner.

Well, of course, that is part of it, but when this becomes more important than taking your own pleasure (after all, sometimes it's necessary to be selfish, even during sex), then you're likely to have quite a bit of anxiety that's going to feedback into your rapid ejaculation.

Performance anxiety of any kind is the enemy of a man who is trying to control his ejaculation, because as I explained already, anxiety produces a rapid ejaculation, which in turn produces more anxiety about coming too quickly next time – and before you know it, you're into a vicious circle.

So if you think it's a man's job to satisfy his partner during sex at the expense of his own pleasure, or that his partner comes first in every way, think again. Just re-orientate your beliefs a bit so that you feel at least equal to your partner in sexual matters.

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The Physical Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

You're much too tense, physically, during sex and your muscles become tighter and tighter as you approach orgasm

Now that's in a way not such a bad thing, because an orgasm is in fact a release of tension throughout the body. (more tension = more power to your orgasm!)

However, it is a simple fact that if you can maintain a relaxed body, and that applies especially to the muscles of the sexual, genital and pelvic regions, then the slow rate at which your muscular tension increases will give you a lot longer time to enjoy foreplay before you actually reach the point of orgasm.

Now you might be saying, "That's crazy, I'm not going to spend time checking how tense I am during sex." And even if you did this, you might wonder how you could ever do anything about it in the midst of foreplay or intercourse!

The answer is simple: being relaxed physically is just a matter of habit like everything else, and you can cultivate it. The training program on this website will give you some powerful strategies to maintain physical relaxation no matter how much sexual excitement you're experiencing.

Other men claim that they have a hypersensitive penis. Unfortunately there's no evidence whatsoever from many years of scientific research to demonstrate that some men have a penis oh-so-much-more sensitive than the rest of the population!

Others tell me they've read about brain chemistry being different in men with premature ejaculation: I tell them to ignore this, because so-called research demonstrating men with PE have different serotonin levels is funded by drug companies who want to sell SSRI-type antidepressants as a cure for PE and make huge profits.

(Antidepressants, or at least some types of antidepressant, do alter serotonin levels in the brain, but their use as a cure for PE is limited - even non-existent - owing to the side-effects, which include nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, anxiety and worse…)

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Although it's not directly relevant to premature ejaculation, one other ejaculatory dysfunction is the phenomenon of retarded or delayed ejaculation.

Very often men who are angry or resentful with their partner withhold their ejaculation, and do exactly the opposite of a man with premature climax – that is to say, they take for ever and a day, and sometimes all eternity, to reach the point ejaculation during intercourse.



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