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Emotional states like depression and anxiety, and jealousy and anger, are frequently associated with premature ejaculation.

And while some physical issues which have been blamed for PE, including hypersensitivity of the glans, and serotonin levels in the brain, the role of these factors as premature ejaculation causes is far from clear.

Available Treatments

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The Best Way To Control Your Ejaculation & Last Longer In Bed

Almost all men find they occasionally experience premature ejaculation.

But if you come too soon every time you have sex, it's time to discover how to do something about it!

With the help of some powerful and simple techniques, you can quickly increase your staying power, feel better about yourself, get more pleasure during lovemaking, and make sure your partner is much happier and completely satisfied in bed.

I've reviewed all of the popular treatments available to overcome premature ejaculation.

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Ways to control PE and treatments for ejaculation control range from self-help pills and potions, delay creams, hypnosis, mental techniques like EFT and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and some crazy stuff that's downright dangerous; in fact there are so many options that the choice is bewildering.

You can see a load of reviews of premature ejaculation treatments and solutions available to you, without bias or prejudice, so that you can get an objective view of what works and what doesn't. Check out my review page here.

We hope that everything you need is available right here: in short, we have the advice and information that can make the difference between struggling on with embarrassment and a sense of failure, or overcoming your challenges and being a great lover. This is the energy held in the Lover archetype, which is an essential part of you responsible for connection with others, in all ways and in all situations - sexual, emotional, in relationships, friendships and family.

It's presented in a professional manner to allow you to make informed choices. We've helped thousands of other men overcome premature ejaculation - and we can help you too!

Don't forget that premature ejaculation can have a big impact on a relationship. When sex isn't as good as it can be, some women may feel tempted to look elsewhere for pleasure.

If you want to keep your relationship close and intimate and loving, it's worth checking out our solutions for premature ejaculation now.

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A Simple Way To Overcome Premature Ejaculation?

We know what you want - a way to stop premature ejaculation which works fast. You don't want something that takes ages to work, or exercises which are impossible to follow.

Lovemaking should be free of worry and relaxed, and the treatment something which you can easily use at home with the assurance it will be effective and safe.

There are many products available, including compounds which you can apply to the skin to desensitize yourself; these have received very mixed reviews, but we examine them on our product pages.

Transdermal application was, in fact, the first prescribed treatment for this condition, and in theory it should work well since the ingredients can be rapidly absorbed.

The problem is that anything which desensitizes you will reduce feeling and excitement, possibly to the point where you get no pleasure at all form lovemaking. However, we will look at all these products later.

By the way - if you want treatment for delayed ejaculation, just click here for more information about this male sexual dysfunction.

This is a simple, powerful and effective treatment, and far more popular than applying chemicals to the skin or taking pills which impact on your whole body's chemistry - not just on your performance in bed.

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Updated May 9,  2019

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